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ABOUT US | Welcome to the Fackelmann world

Eating is probably one of the biggest passions of yourself and your family. To make a delicious home-cooked meal, you will need fresh ingredients, good utensils, amazing cooking skills, and some quality promise. Where can you find the good tools with excellent quality at the right price? Here, Fackelmann!

We are very aware of how much the tools matter to you, that’s why we never stop to perfect them. With traditional German quality, ensured food safety and constant innovation, Fackelmann is your trusted kitchen helper. Starting today, choose your right tools, and choose your tools right.

German Brand
Food Safety

While Fackelmann has grown across Europe and Asia, we never forget that our mission is to make your life better, especially at home. We are a family-owned business that understands families. We understand what your concerns are, so we test every item before launching. We monitor our in-house manufacturing line closely, for your safety and your family’s. This is the key why we sustain the German standard that you can always expect from us.

Safety is the top priority of any meal. With Fackelmann, you don’t have to worry about the safety because we test every item with our quality control team. To guarantee the safety, we only choose the best and the safest material for production. Certified with ISO 9001, Reach and FSC, Fackelmann is your guarantee for home-made food safety.

We understand that you always want new inspirations. Our in-house designers constantly brainstorm for fresh ideas to simplify your life. Think removing the stone of a mango too much trouble? Try our Mango Splitter and enjoy the juicy mango flesh in a second! Want to take a kiwi fruit with you on the go? Kiwibox 3-in-1 makes it easier done than said! These small useful tools bring big changes to your life, and you’ll be surprised how easy they are to use!

HISTORY | A long journey to kitchenware excellence

40 Countries

3500 Employees

#1 Global Kitchen Tools Distributor


Fackelmann enters the African continent with Prestige in South Africa.


Wilthsire, Furi and Stanley Rogers join the Fackelmann brands as we get in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore markets.


First move in India, where our products are getting increasingly popular.


To meet local demand for quality products, we set up our distribution offices in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.


Zenker becomes a Fackelmann Brand, we take over the production in Aichach, Germany. We now have two production sites in Germany and one in France.


Fackelmann exports its industrial expertise in China. We built a first factory in Shenzhen, today we are running four production facilities.


Our current headquarter is established in a new industrial park over 11.000m22 in Hersbruck, Germany.


First step out of Europe for the group with the opening of an office in Hong Kong.


A new manufacturing era starts for Fackelmann with a plastic production facility for household items.


A new wood transformation factory is built to meet the increasing demand.


Fackelmann starts the production of wooden kitchen tools in its historical headquarter.


Sebastian Fackelmann takes over the company.


Heinrich Fackelmann establishes his kitchen tools company in Bavaria, Germany.