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Let's Start

The 50 Climate Leaders initiative has set itself the task of highlighting companies that are committed to sustainable business and climate protection. Fackelmann Brands is part of the initiative and is helping to gradually get closer to the 17 UN climate goals for sustainable development. Find out more about our activities and join us on a journey into a greener future.


For us it goes without saying: Sustainable action at all levels. It starts with the selection of the materials for our products, goes through well thought-out packaging design and process management to our photovoltaic systems and heat recovery measures at the headquarters in Hersbruck. We have a clear goal in mind. By 2025, the majority of our products and packaging are to be completely converted to sustainable materials and many other areas are to be adapted at the same time. We always stay focused on this path and build on three points, which form the basis for all our activities:

Environment & Resources
Products & Materials
People & Social
  • Forward-thinking packaging alternatives
  • Intelligent manufacturing management
  • Efficient production processes

As a manufacturer, we want to make our products as durable, resource- and energy-efficient, repair-friendly, and recyclable as possible. We always want to design products for a long service life, and we pursue the circular economy as our ideal. Because of this, we primarily use materials without complex compositions that are easy to handle. To reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, we focus first on converting to materials that are fully or at least partially manufactured from renewable or recycled raw materials.

We place a high level of value on using the right measures at our production sites worldwide. The Hersbruck location has been climate-neutral since 2020, and other locations will follow in the future. We produce 6,387 tons of CO2 each year and they are compensated for this footprint accordingly. This includes transporting products to customers and back to us, as well as business travel.

  • Sustainable materials for products and packaging
  • Long-term use
  • Easy recycling

Deeply rooted in Germany and at home in the world: This applies equally to our products and their manufacture. At our headquarters in Hersbruck and Aichach in Bavaria, we set the highest standards in our production and rely on energy and material cycles that are as closed as possible: Wood waste from furniture production in Hersbruck is burned in a biomass boiler and used to heat the entire site. The waste heat from plastics production is used to heat service water via a heat recovery system. We also use photovoltaic systems in Aichach and Hersbruck to generate solar power.

Our goal is to offer the most competent assortment of sustainable products in Europe. We launched our developments in this area over 10 years ago with our “Greens” products, kitchen aids made of plastic mixed with wood that are FSC™ certified.

  • Certified manufacturing standards (BSCI, Sedex)
  • Certified social and labour standards
  • Community and social engagement
  • Operational health management

As a family company, the business's founding family is highly recognized and has an important role to our brands. Compliance with social standards and optimal working conditions for employees as well as the creation of a positive working environment are the focus both in Germany and our over 40 company sites worldwide. These standards are certified and approved by both detailed internal audit systems and higher-level regulations such as the BSCI.

At our headquarters in Hersbruck and Aichach, we have been benefited from an above-average employee retention rate where on average employees have been with the company for around 14 years. Never the less, we also valuing a balanced blend in our workforce with 30% of our employees at the Hersbruck headquarters are younger than 30 and an average age of 42 across the site. Through individual employee reviews and regular rounds of feedback, we jointly evaluate potential development areas to ensure we can always keep growing together. We also support the “Bicycle to work” initiative, subsidise the use of public transportation, and promote operational health management with a variety of athletic and care programs, such as yoga, Nordic walking and running courses, presentations on topics like healthy sleep or quitting smoking, health days, and pedometer campaigns.


There is much to do! In order to make our internal goals and guiding principles, which are based on the three pillars of sustainability products & materials, environment & resources and people & social issues, more transparent, we are applying the 17 UN climate goals for sustainable development as a benchmark. Why this? These goals show that the prevention of a climate catastrophe can only be achieved with a comprehensive package of measures. In a joint effort, we can currently still positively influence the future of humanity - this is where we start with our activities.

Fackelmann Brands supports the following UN goals for sustainable development:

15 brands
41 locations worldwide
10,000 products
8 production sites